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Chandana Swadhyay Mandir


In 1972 Acharya Shri Chandanaji mahasatiji with the help of of Shri Kamani Jain Bhavan established the religious institution Chandana Swadhyay Mandir for students who desire for spiritual development in Jainism
In April 2005, Acharya Shri Chandanaji Mahasatiji along with Kamani Jain Bhavan committee members, Shri Prafulbhai Modi, Shri Virenbhai Mehta, Head of Jain Academy and Joint Secretary of Veerayatan Shri Harshadbhai Doshi, conducted a meeting for discussing about the necessary changes.
By channelising the knowledge, precision and other qualities of teachers, and taking in note the needs and requirements of children, a friendly environment was created. In order to work hand-in-hand with changing times, the process of modernising Chandana Swadhyay Mandir was decided.
With the blessings of Acharya Shri Chandanaji Mahasatiji, the process of modernisation and development was initiated. Under the guidance of Acharya Shri Chandanaji Mahasatiji, Pujya Shri Shilapiji Mahasatiji helped Chandana Swadhyay Mandir for developing the core values of Jainism amongst teachers.
Pujya Shri Shilapiji Mahasatiji, Harshadbhai Doshi and Pushpaben Shah planned out the process of recruiting teachers.
Pujya Shri Shilapiji Mahasatiji came to Kamani Jain Bhavan for 3 days, where she appealed to all ladies to come forward and give their names who are interested in imparting the knowledge of Jainism in students.
With the struggles and inspiration of Pushpaben Shah, members of Sumati Mahila Mandal and Sushil Bahu Mandal, who are well versed in Jainism came forward and enrolled their names. Several other ladies also came forward and enrolled their names with full enthusiasm. We successfully got about 50 names enrolled for the position of teacher.
A 3 day Shibir was also organised for the teachers by Pujya Shri Shilapiji Mahasatiji.
Pujya Shri Shilapiji Mahasatiji and Harshadbhai Doshi along with 2 teachers, Binaben and Jhulaben, from Nairobi arranged a 7 day teachers training program.
After the completion of training, Kamani Jain Bhavan established a modernised Chandana Swadhyay Mandir, with six classes and a huge prayer hall in its premises, for which we received huge support and guidance of Shri Bhavnaben Shah and Ashokbhai Turakhia. Free bus service is also available for the students.
Students of the age group of 3-18 years study in Chandana Swadhyay Mandir. Dhyan, Samayik, Pratikraman, Jain Tatva Gyan, Jain Katha Sahitya, values of good conduct and behaviour along with several other Jainism related principles and values is imparted in the students by fun and innovative ways of learning.
Prayog, Beejam, Anamika, Praveshika, Madhyama and Sambodhi are the six classes in Chandana Swadhyay Mandir. Regular classes for the mothers are also held for imparting knowledge about Jainism.
With the blessings of Pujya Shri Darshnabai Mahasatiji, Pujya Shri Swatibai Mahasatiji and support of Past President of Kamani Jain Bhavan Shri R.B. Avalani, the newly developed Chandana Swadhyay Mandir became fully functional on 17th of September 2005. 
Chandana Swadhyay Mandir imparts value based learning in interactive and interesting ways with problem explanation and doubt clearance.
Spiritual and moral learning are the aspects focused upon. Values like respect for all, Karuna, Ahimsa, Maitree Bhaav, Daan and many more are imparted in students.
Picnics are held on an annual basis, where teachers and students both play games together based on Jainism. Tirthyatras are also conducted for imparting the knowledge and better understanding of our Jain religion.
Jain Anand Mela (Fun Fiesta) was held twice, where visitors could enjoy with  fun the interactive games based upon the different values of Jainism.
In order to promote good moral values in students, regular excursions were also made to Orphanage and Blind School, where Chandana Swadhyay Mandir donated food, clothes, and spent quality time with the disabled people.

We whole heartedly thank ​our current President of Shree Hansraj Laxmichand Kamani Jain Bhavan, Shri Rajenbhai Kamdar and all the committee members for their support and guidance.

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